Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hartz Chicken Buffet

Lately i have a BIG appetite, and having the urge to eat in large quantity...Felt like stuffing myself with huge amount of food at one time, thus i drag sis to have chicken buffet @ Sunway despite the price has gone up. I dun k, hav been in famine for the past few days, and i wanna splurge on FOODS!
more pics here...
1st serving: Spicy & non-spicy fried chicken, crispy potato chips, fried lady finger, and a few pieces of fried fish
2nd serving: Mash potatoes with gravy, bittergourd, egg-plant, and chilli tofu
3rd serving: Coleslaw, spaghetti, mash potatoes (yes, 2nd round!), carrot slices, lettuces
A closer shot on the fried stuffs
and on my 3rd servings
sis njoying the soup...syiok sendiri aje!
before: 4 drumsticks for 2 of us to share!
after: only bones left! dun belittle our abilities!
too full with chickens and fried stuffs, and i switched my focus on taking other pictures
the interior @ Hartz, Sunway Pyramid
nice lighting
Ok, enuff with mine, let's see what's on sis plate...
spicy chicken wings and baked potato...thumbs up for this coz it was yummylicious!
the finale
had a very hearty meal and a BIG tummy after that...guess this will be my last visit...


Anonymous said...

How come no ice-cream? Or do they still serve ice-cream?

Chee Hoe said...

Why last visit?

Anonymous said...

wuah really a lot of things u ate! how much izzit per pax already? i havent been there for years!

Nux V said...

adrian: they no longer serve ice-cream...i'm upset with tht..Perhaps they hav cancel it off due to melamine scare...

cheehoe: coz no more ice cream and ice lemon tea ;P

cbenc12: not much though if compared to the others in the restaurant, their plates can pilled up to form a tower, haha! the price has skyrocketed to $21 (excluding 10% tax yet). 4 years ago it was $15 :-(

pearly said...

wooow that lot of food to eat !
but all so yummy I don't blame you I will do the same eat as much as I can hahaha!
lucky you can have all those lovely food ! make me wat to fly home :)

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