Sunday, September 23, 2007 - Blog Advertising in Asia!

I am quite new to Adverlets and has yet to cash out before, but still it doesn’t dampen my spirit of getting a chance to win RM20 by writing a review on it.
Well, my account is yet to reach one month old, thus I can’t really comment about it. So far, I have been earning a little from them, and has seen some minor increment on my earnings.
I am looking forward to have my first pay cheque…And hopefully to be like those winners as shown below…Readers, you can stand a chance to be like them too!
Practically, I do prefer advertising via Adverlets, as their website is more organized and it is much more easier for me to check on my earnings. I had tried Nuffnang, but somehow, most of the time, their ad box takes longer time to load as compared to Adverlets. I guess this is why many bloggers have switched to using Adverlets too ;P
For more details on the contest you may visit their site “ - Blog Advertising in Asia!”.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping in! :D

Anonymous said...

huh. amazing thoughts

Anonymous said...

мне кажется: благодарю! а82ч

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