UTOPIA: Sukiya Chicken Ramen set

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sukiya Chicken Ramen set

Had this for lunch in Sukiya. Kinda value-for-money set. The set comes with a glass of green tea (option: iced/without ice), 3 pcs of gyoza, miso soup and the chicken ramen itself. All these for RM17.90.
The only drawback is that ur stomach will be full of liquid (soup & drinks) after the meal :-)


Twilight Man said...

This set looks delicious and value for money.
At first I thought Sukiya is that Steamboat buffet chain at One MK and Paradigm.

mun said...

I have never been to Sukiya. Just don't feel like eating there and none of my lunch friends suggest eating there.

Nux V said...

Twilight Man: no this is a different Sukiya.

Mun: lol, this place is a halal restaurant. Normally for ramen place, I would also prefer those outlet that serves pork ramen.

mun said...

oh, I did not know that this is a halal place.

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