UTOPIA: Mr Kabab and Briyani, Putrajaya

Monday, June 5, 2017

Mr Kabab and Briyani, Putrajaya

My partner in crime suggested to hav Middle Eastern food for lunch...
Without hesitating, we immediately accepted her 'informal invitation' and hop onto her car.
Off we go....to Precinct Diplomatic in Putrajaya!
this place specializes in....well...as the name shows - kebab (they spelled as kabab) and briyani....
During our first visit, I tried their kebab with rice...(I will post up the photos in my next post)
Eventually it became one of our fav lunch spot. After a few visits we hav tried plenty of the food in the menu...
Among them, are:
Naan with dhal curry (RM6) (RM5)
they have butter naan & cheese naan as well but I have yet to try
 the picture below is Beef Shawarma (RM9) (RM10)
and Chicken Kebab with Naan (RM18)
  all of us like this place coz the food is nice and priced reasonably...
the only drawback is the food served are lacking greens, unless u order salads
Besides Middle Eastern, they also served western food such as burgers and chicken/lamb chop, but I hardly interested on their western menu. Most of the diners here are Middle Eastern expats and staffs from the nearby government offices. Me and my colleagues are the only few non-muslim/non-expat diners in the restaurant.
Note: Our visits were done during non-Ramadan month, so I'm not sure if they are open for lunch during the fasting month.
*correction made on the prices as of 6 June 2017


mun said...

I like to eat food like this especially the beef shawarma. Rm9 for it is a good price. Will wait for after Raya to try out this place.

Nux V said...

Mun: I just corrected the prices after checking the receipt again. The beef shawarma is RM10, but it is worth trying ;-)

Twilight Man said...

I love eating their various kebabs and wraps. I agree that they lack of greens or salads or fried veggies like we do. My friends who had lived in Doha and UAE cited their culture having no vegetable farms had made them less creative in dishing out salads and etc.

Nux V said...

Twilight Man: yea, understood about that if they are serving this in Middle East. But in M'sia, perhaps few slices of cucumbers (at least) wouldn't cost them much.

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