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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tuesday's Lunch - Shogun2U

Continuation from my previous post about Shogun2U, here's a preview of my weekly Tuesday lunch. Shogun2U offers delivery to various places within Klang Valley and they hav various Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and limited Western set meal in its menu. U can also order steamboat if u wish to!
Week 1: Black Bean Chicken
Taste so homely like mum's cooked dish! I like the coleslaw with corns but unfortunately I only got it for the first week as it has been replaced with veggie salad on the subsequent weeks.
I've skipped Week 2 as I did not snap the picture of the sweet & sour fish set that I ordered.
Week 3: Cashew Nut Chicken
The cashew nut chicken dish taste like kung-po chicken...Again, very homely meal that reminds me of mum's cooked food...lol!
 Week 4: Lemon Chicken
The lemon chicken comes with a separate sweet lemon sauce. It was just so-so.
 Week 5: Bulgogi Chicken
u can opt for Beef version but I prefer chicken coz of its tender meat. This dish comes with kimchi (see bottom right partition)
Week 6: Teriyaki Chicken
after trying Chinese and Korean, I moved on to the Japanese Teriyaki chicken...It comes with a separate teriyaki sauce to dip the chicken. Tastewise not bad. I like their teriyaki sauce.
Week 7: Dakgalbi Chicken
Fiery red hot, this chicken dish is cooked with carrots, onions, cabbage and very generous portion of chili paste! Not for those who can't take spicy. No second time for me.
We never fail to have Shogun2U on every Tuesday as their delivery services & food are overall OK. If u r ordering in bulk, it is recommended to place ur order a day before.


mun said...

The food photos are so pretty! How was the taste of your sweet and sour fish? My votes go to Cashew nut chicken, followed by bulgogi beef (due to the kimchi) and lemon chicken cos I like the taste of lemon. No, no, no to the spicy ones. Too bad, I can't order from them or else I would do so after reading your post.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Hehehe, our taste quite similar, all your orders also I am okay with it! I agree that chicken chop from the Lemon Chicken pack looks a bit, dull. And it probably is less crispy? What with being soaked in hot and humid container for an extended period of time during delivery...

Nux V said...

Mun: the sweet and sour fish not bad too. It delivers to a lot of places within Klang Valley, so u can order at the comfort of ur home/office.

RealGunners: yea the lemon chicken is my least fav option besides dakgalbi. I still prefer the Chinese dishes over others.

Twilight Man said...

Whooaa!!! Can order steamboat?? LOLOL How to eat them in the office?

I love the food photos! I wish I have colleagues like yours. If I open my mouth to suggest, my staff would expect me to foot the whole bills...


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