UTOPIA: Sushi Party @ Office

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sushi Party @ Office

*This is an outdated post.
 This is dated back in February where i hav sushi party in the office. It was the month-end and we sort of having a 'happy hour tea time' coz it was still CNY season then.
the office has allocated certain budget for tea time, and this is one 'grand' celebration to get everyone together for a tossing of yee sang as well.
But before that, let me showcase some of the sushi's here:
Unagi sushi
salmon sushi
shrimp tempura sushi
ebiko sushi
another version of ebiko sushi
no idea what's this...crab meat sushi and some jelly fish??
and lastly we have lou sang...yea Japanese fusionized yee sang!


Princess Ribbon said...

Yummy, all the sushi looks so so good.. The salmon one I like la, the creamy mayo centre, yummzzz.. So nice la your office got sushi buffet, hou hou sik...

mun said...

The sushi looks really good. Where did your office order them from?

RealGunners said...

Wah, looks really great! So many sushi! Yums!!

Hayley said...

Making own sushi is so much fun, we can just add whatever we want!

Nux V said...

Princess Ribbon: haha...yea, once in a blue moon got sushi. For me is the first time.

Mun: they ordered from sushi king.

RealGunners: yea, having sushi once in a while is superb...but after a few pieces will get 'jelak'.

Hayley: yea, but unfortunately this is ordered, not own-made.

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