UTOPIA: CNY Decorations - Genting First World Plaza

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CNY Decorations - Genting First World Plaza

You know CNY is near when red lanterns and spring flowers 'blossomed' at malls and at various public places.  Red lanterns flooding over the shopping malls, hotels, restaurants creates a festivity ambience...
  this 'Chinese arch' reminds me of some temples in China...haha!
the blinking fake neon flowers!
i used to dislike it coz the color is too glaring for my eyes, but now i started to see its 'beauty'
 well, the most creative decorations among all would be this colorful lanterns at the hotel lobby entrance. 
It looks like some floating hot air balloon!


mun said...

I like the floating hot air balloon lanterns. Looks like those kong ming lanterns people released up into the sky but is dangerous for airplanes and birds I heard.

Huai Bin said...

Nice! I had a 3D/2N free stay at Genting but I didn't redeem it or I could have been up there at the same time you are! :)

I'm a Genting Silver member (wasted a lot of $$$ to get there, lost RM 35,000 in 15 minutes but also won RM 19,000 and RM 11,000 in 10 minutes).

Nice CNY decoration in Genting! It looks a lot better than the lobby usually does.

Princess Ribbon said...

Wah, all very red and ang-ang.. You know, this year, I belum lagi take the kids to see CNY decorations leh.. I see the crowd also I sien liao.. Christmas not so bad lagi..

RealGunners said...

Thumbs up for the hot air balloon lanterns, I agree with you that it is most creative!

Nux V said...

Mun: actually those are not floating lanterns...It looks like 'floating' coz the string is not obviously visible as the ceiling is in dark color. The kong ming lanterns i heard before but never hear of any fatality incident happened to planes yet (*touchwood!).

Huai Bin: seems like u r a seasoned member!

Princess Ribbon: so far i only been to Berjaya Times Square and some nearby malls to see the decorations...The bigger malls would have to wait till after CNY coz of the shopping crowds.

RealGunners: my picture doesn't do its justice coz it only captured a portion of the place, summore the color abit 'off' due to the dim lights. Gotta be there to get the ambience baru shiok!

mun said...

Hahaha, I meant they look like floating because I know if really floating sure float away by now, how to stay still for you to take photos.

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