UTOPIA: Local Cravings - Acar and Longevity Noodles

Friday, March 28, 2014

Local Cravings - Acar and Longevity Noodles

Some potluck going on during the early January, and sis came back from one of her fellowship group potluck with some ta-pau (take away/to-go) food packed in containers...
well, is good that they have overestimated the portion, hence alot of leftovers!
here's one of my favorite, called "Acars", something like salad but is more towards the sourish and spicy type. 
Sliced and nicely cut carrots, cucumbers, long beans, cabbage all dumped into a container and mixed well with the chilli paste (and some lemongrass & vinegar), add in some pounded peanuts and sesame...
u'll get a perfect combination of local Malaysian salad called Acar!
 some fried noodles to accompanied the dishes...great combination!
bon appetit!

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