UTOPIA: Sekinchan

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Eventually this road trip is meant as a "gathering cum farewell" for an ex-colleague. One might wonder how could a gathering could also be a farewell occasion...but that's another story.
anyhow, my ex-colleague called on Friday nite and asking if i m interested to join his "farewell"
And i tot that's kinda cool coz i might as well treat this as a gathering since i have long not seen them after leaving the company 5 years ago...
So here we went...to some place about 2 hours drive from the city. Eventually Sekinchan is a small town famous for its paddy rice field, but the paddy have been harvested and hence no green (nor golden brown) fields in sight...all u get to see is some muddy water! Wrong timing!
Feeling dissappointed we head to the beach...
 but it was super hot and sunny! we carried umbrellas while walking to the beach!
there were a few stalls selling junks and refreshment
 the beach isn't maintained much, although it is one of the tourist spot
 it was windy and sunny...even the ice cream melted as soon as it reaches my hand!
lesson learnt: Do not eat ice cream next to the windy beach and under hot sun...that's no fun at all!
 it was low tide, and there's nothing much to be seen during the afternoon, perhaps u will get some sunset view in the evening...
so, goodbye and hope to come back again, perhaps before the harvest season ;-)

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