UTOPIA: Nepali Chulo Restaurant, Kathmandu - Part 2

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nepali Chulo Restaurant, Kathmandu - Part 2

For the past 2 months I was too busy with assignments & have been delaying some post related to the trip.
Anyway, continuing from my previous post on Nepali Chulo restaurant, this time i shall display more pics of its surrounding and ambience...rather than elaborate on the culture shows and foods.
as introduced earlier, this place is totally 'mystic' and full of arts!
u'll also get to see some religious items hung on the wall or placed at the side walk
such as this buddha wall-picture
and some carvings
in which it blended well with the scenery portrait
u'll also get to see some ancient items such as below...dun ask me what are they, but i guess it could be a chandelier and a safety box (?!?)
some nature decoration are also in sight...such as mini pond with fountain
i sensed some similarity of the architectures with those i've seen in Bhutan...very mch close to it
there are just lots of strange & devilish-looking mask hung around the place
the walkway to the centre court
ancient stuffs placed at one corner for display
and the entrance with buddha figure 'guarding' the place
all in all, apart from being a restaurant, this place is indeed a 'Gallery'!

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