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Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's time to leave

I was kinda in a whirlpool these days...sort of having something that spins my head over and over again...thinking about my long term goals and comfort zone. Not often I encounter such golden opportunity of pursuing a better career...more often i accept whatever job that is being offered. This time i'm being offered my dream job...a job that 'could' bring me far...but with some circumstances...
1. It isn't a high paying job...after deducting the expenses...it is almost the same of what i m getting now...could be less...unless i m able to sustain till the big bonus next year!
2. It's located further away from my residence...hence taking longer commute time. I hate wasting time in commuting!
3. The entire commuting effort sucks up my energy...most probably i would end up tired/unable to focus in the office...
The oni pro's of this job:
1. Better prospect, coz once i got the grasp of this experience i can hop anywhere i wish to!
2. Glamourous, nah kidding! Coz is a well-known investment bank.
3. More structured work policy. At least they have proper policy for work distribution, unlike the current place i'm working at, it is havoc, with people tend to push their responsibilities whenever they like.
4. Bigger bonus, but that is very subjective.
5. Lesser pressure compared to my current job (?) I dunno how much i can clarify this but someone who works there told me so...Yea, indeed my job now is getting crazier! Imagine 4 huge project being assigned to u (alone! coz there isn't anyone else in my team already) and deadline is jst 3 weeks away! Deadline is unnegotiable, btw! ridiculous! I dunno how long i can sustain this kinda challenging environment. I dun hav a life, everyone here in my company knows that :-(
Should i leave?

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