UTOPIA: February 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Life is a roller coaster...

Despite many challenges that i m facing now, somehow i feel grateful and blessed as they are still people around who cares and concern about me.
  • family members, especially mum who supports me with my decision and opinions.
  • having my good buddy (ex-colleague) who is in the same 'shoe' and we are encouraging each other to face our challenges ahead.
  • a few colleagues whom i would refer to as 'comrades' as they are just as hardworking
    as me but not being appreciated by superior and only to be taken advantage of.
  • and despite "her" playing politics against me, i dun lose anyting but instead gained respect from people who knows me being firm and patient, at least i have this down-to-earth young man who bids me goodbye everytime he leaves the office!
  • things are different when i m no longer the 'big sister' and being the centre of attention. My place is much quieter and no one bothers what i m doing...well, it's good to be low-profile again, mayb not until some new teammates joins in...
  • and last but not least, i m still well-accepted by others (though not popular), in real world and in FB, haha! People around notices my existence, and not treating me as invisible as she did!
Recently i found this song interesting, haven't been listening to it for years. It has nothing to do with my post, just feels like sharing out this song coz it's...it's...is just NICE!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - Part 2

Well, this may be an overdue post as CNY has over some time ago.
Just a lil' update of what's happening around during that festive time...
My company has 'invited' a lion dance troupe to perform their 'stunts' at the lobby compound...
Such a merry occasion in welcoming the "Dragon" year!
 I had never like the lion dance just b'coz of the loud drum beats and the boring performance...
Perhaps I have wrongly judge, but nowadays, I was quite amused seeing the 'lions' with their 'playful act', 'flirtatious' and 'fearful' expression...
 The conventional boring performance has been evoluted with some 'comical characters' which made it interesting!
Towards the end of the performance, all staffs were invited to join in the feast of local hi-tea buffet prepared by some catering services...
yummielicious food being served, but too bad i was having a terrible sore throat :-(

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I ain't EMO but...

I just wanna pour my heart out! I miss those days when I was about to be promoted. That was more than half a year ago. It was the time when of all sudden being given the privilege, attention and somehow the power to lead a team. There was this so-called a new colleague then who keep on "polishing my shoe" just becoz of me being her superior. I have plenty of lunch invitation and my place is often surrounded by teammates seeking my advise. My boss even offered me a personal room which I rejected. I have plenty of opportunities to travel abroad and still yearning for more. The whole team relies on me for advise and skills. I was never alone then, coz a whole group or at least a few fella were with me at all times even during lunch.
But, reality took it's ugly turn.
I was saddened by the reality that this so-called new colleague was just as fake in becoming my close buddy. I treated her nicely but only ended up being "stepped-on" and now she is about to be promoted. She instilled fear among the rest for being a loud person, stepping on people's reputation, and manipulating the team. Just b'coz she is loud and good technically. But hey, who taught her all the basics? Who is the one who willingly spent time to guide her? It was me. She turned to me each time when she needed help. Now that she has good grasp, she dun even bother to look at me, is like i m transparent.
I m all alone again. She has got what she wants, money, power, fame, popularity and accompanion whenever she goes. And i m all alone again. Worse still, my best friend has left too...leaving me one single miserable person battling through my difficult tasks. Well, the moment I m out of the team, i was being treated like a stranger, not oni by her but also my teammates, all being influenced by this evil fella.
I'm deeply upset coz:
  • I have to start all over again in my new team, doing task all by myself as there is no subordinates/teammates working with me. Juggling with new workscope is pressuring, what more i m doing it all alone with no proper guidance and handover.
  • My one and only trusted and close fren has left the company, leaving me no place to pour my feelings/workstress stories.
  • No one to joke around, or heart-to-heart sharing, nor friendly chat in the office, things go mundane as there is no gang to hangout together.
  • The feeling of being rejected and betrayed is devastating.
  • The person who betrayed me is gaining more for herself, and acting more arrogant in front of everyone which is even more devastating.
  • I m no longer the heading the team.
  • I will be stationed in a secluded place, and meaning i will be separated from my family soon.
  • I miss all these companions that i used to have during lunchtimes, on how we joke around and myself being praised for no reason, but now all i get is her stabbing me from behind and some hurtful words and acts that she did. What a tactic!
  • And it is even more hurtful is when i have to put up my poker face and smile back as if nothing happened. Well, people around still tinks that we are "good frens" despite the dispute that she created over tiny issues. She kinda made it 'BIG' and put me to blame by painting a bad picture over me. 
  • With her acting around on her fake expression and treating everyone meal, buying people's gift and with her sweet talks, people tend to like her more, even the top mgmt notices her.
  • Being betrayed, stepped on, boycotted by my own teammates (under her influence) is somehow her politic game.
Why is the world so unfair?
I m just too sick and tired of having these things around, and not only that, i fell sick due to depression and work stress.
And i can't be crying over this issue coz it oni gets me looks fragile. During the day, i gotta put up my calm look and cheerful face at work but deep down inside, I was so terribly upset...It's kinda hard to do.
I just hope that people will soon realized of her true colour and start avoiding her...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - Part 1

I can't believe it is now 2012 and I m celebrating CNY2012...
Some time ago, 2012 seems very far and futuristic...but now it is the "present"
Talking about present...here is one "bai nien" gift from sister's fren.
It is sort of CNY gift exchange during house visiting.
After having a long weekend for CNY, I started work on "chor-4"...meaning the fourth day of CNY...Not much people in the city yet, hence the entire street was almost free from traffic.
My journey to the office was a breeze!
with almost no car at all during lunchtime!
usually this road is full of students from nearby UCSI campus.
 and i took the opportunity to stroll some desserted area...the JUNGLE!
nope, it isn't a jungle at all nor close to it!
it is jst some walkway surrounded by greeneries.
And to reward myself after a long walk, I treated myself to my all-time-fav chicken chop ;-)
the price is still the same since 2005! 
and where else did i had this wonderful meal?
it is none other than my former office's foodcourt! 
Back home, my accumulated angpows (red packet containing $$$) has grown as day passes...
besides the $$$, i like the packet's design too. Both the colour and graphics are nice and vibrant.
Till then, Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

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