UTOPIA: Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam (Part 2)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam (Part 2)

Mum got herself some vouchers for attending "so-and-so company" general meeting.
She dun frequent this place mch, hence me and sis make use of this voucher to get ourself some good food ;-)
 our meal started with drinks, we ordered each a glass of skyjuice coz the coming meal would be very filling (and spicy).
Here's a view of what me and my sis had...we really ordered ALOT!
 first, came the toast with butter...it was crispy and not to mention, "butter-ish"!
 then I also ordered "roti paratha" to be shared among us, it came in 3 pieces with potato curry gravy
 this is my main meal - "Nasi Lemak" (coconut milk rice with cucumber, hard-boiled egg, squid in chili paste, chips, peanuts and anchovies). Still my all-time favorite in Old Town!
 sis ordered somethin' non spicy - mushroom chicken rice..it tastes good!
obviously we ordered too much, but we manage to wallop all of them, coz the food were real delicious!
and the best thing is that we dun even hav to pay a single cent!
btw, we still hav a few more vouchers to spend! woo-hoo!

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