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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Korean Food

Despite my short stay in Korea, I managed to taste some of their local meal in their very localized restaurant. The reason why i mentioned 'localized' is that everything there was written in Korean, and the menu doesn't hav any description in English! Definately a challenge for foreigners!
On my first day of arriving in Korea, we had an early dinner at a restaurant situated jst below the office.
Here are the condiments, clorkwise from top left, preserved onion, seaweed, kimchi, beansprout and potatoes...Usually they had around 5-6 condiments, unlike those Korean restaurant in KL that served up to 10 condiments with each main meal!
 here is our main meal - rice with Bulgolgi soup...the soup was so flavorful...but too bad it was too oily to be finished up!
 on another day, we went for some hotpot meal at another Korean restaurant...
It was a sunny afternoon and despite that, we still go for hotpot!
 we sat on the floor and dined with low-tables....sort of Japanese style dining
it was a great experience to try out their meal in such a localized environment ;-)
Well, overall, i still think that Bulgolgi soup is nice...

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