UTOPIA: Foods....glorious foods in Penang!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Foods....glorious foods in Penang!

Here are what i had during my recent trip to Penang island...this place is such a food haven...
with a variety choice of local foods, tempting yet dirt cheap!
The famous Char Kuey Teow (fried flat noodles)...this is one sinful temptious food...looking at it makes me droolin'!
 then, the Penang Rojak (fruit salad in black soy sauce sprinkled with peanuts)...the fruits blended so well with the nuts and sauce!
 not forgeting, another famous Penang fare...the Asam Laksa (rice noodle in sour and spicy fish paste soup)!
 We tried two version....one each from different stalls
 there is also duck meat kuey teow (duck meat flat noodle) from the morning market 
 the Penang prawn noodle (or known as 'hokkien' noodle)...quite cheap too, less than an USD!
 the Curry Noodle (pic below)
Penang version of curry noodle comes with squid, cockles, taupok (fried beancurd), and with a spoonful of sambal (chilli paste) to add some kick on it!
 lok-lok (steamboat)...darn...it has a variety of choices!
 I also went to try out the bak kut teh (pork and pig bone in herbal soup) at Gurney Drive...this place is patronised by lotsa Japanese and Koreans
here is another dish that we have ordered....fried meehoon (fried rice vermicelli)
 and the fried prawn noodle...it was so-so only and expensive, mayb due to the place being frequented mch by the expats and foreigners...
Bon Appetit!

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