UTOPIA: Half Day @ Immigration Office

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Half Day @ Immigration Office

Went to renew my passport at Pusat Bandar Damansara few days back. Before goin, I did a lil' homework by gathering some info from this blog:


This site might be a great help for many first timers who plan to go there, but unfortunately not for me.
I reached there at about 9:30am, parked my car next to HELP institute, and mind u, the ticket machine was under repair. Fearing they will charge me a maximum of RM7 per entry, I walked to the security kiosk to get my time stamped parking ticket, which is written manually on a piece of useless card.

As I proceed to the immigration office, there were already touts standing outdoor trying to confuse u with their services…some even claimed that the photo kiosk in the immigration office isn’t working, thus u will need their services…These people are darn ANNOYING!

A fren who went there earlier this year told us that the DIY machine was kaputt during his last visit…and most likely it will still kaputt since then. We went to check and found that his statement is INDEED TRUE. Those machines have been sitting there redundantly, collecting dust and gonna be a museum item soon.

Hence, no choice but to head up to the counters to do it manually - the GahVerMen way.
Before that, hav to purchase the forms at RM1 each…wut the fark?!!!!@#$%^&
They charged us for even a piece of paper? DARN! Imagine having 10 members in the family and u will be spending like RM10 for just 10 pieces of paper! We already paid so much for our new passport and taxes, and still the gahvermen want to rob us more…blardy $$$ sucking GahVerMen!

My advise to u: Go print ur own copy from internet before heading here and make sure it is with front-back page.

Altogether it took about 3.5 hour to complete, thank God the service is fast and the frontline officers are cordial enuff to assist us…but I still prefer the services in Subang…better services and lesser touts…muahaha!

Not to waste any time in that darn boring place, I rushed off to the parking lot and get my car out before they overcharge me…but too bad, this $$$ sucking authority who operates the parking lot still charged me RM7!!!!!

Total damages: RM300 (for a new passport) + RM1 (for the form) + RM10 (photos) + RM0.20 (photocopy IC) + RM7(parking fare) = RM 318.20

And I ended up paying extra RM2 for the photos when I could get them at just RM8…

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Johnny Ong said...

the process of getting a passport is made so much easier now. those days u need to go back anor day

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