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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Foods in a Day

I used to see 'Foods in a Day' posting by other bloggers (with yummylicious pics), thus i decided to do my own posting about tis topic.
Was having a long break due to Labor Day, so i decided to get some delicacies from the neighborhood morning market. Here are some of my B.I.G. Breakfast - 'oriental style'

'Tai Pao' (aka big bun with pork filings). Still fresh as u can see its moist surface.
Here are the ingredients - pork, chicken, egg...all jumbled up till u couldn't differentiate wut-is-wut.
Supposingly to hav shittaake mushroom but i couldn't find one in it :-(
Dessert that comes with Big Pau was none other than soft & smooth tau-foo-fa (beancurd pudding)
But sadly, this tau-foo-fa isn't as smooth as those in Ipoh, another disappointment :-(
Then, mum bought wu-kok (yam pastry with pork filling) for herself.
Here is the operated wu-kok
My big breakfast supposed to last til my dinner @ 8, but too bad, i felt hungry in the afternoon, so i munched a sweetcorn...krunch krunch!
Dinner time! i had yong tau foo (stuffed beancurd)
The name itself means beancurd stuffed with minced pork+fish, but somehow, it has evolved to varieties such as 'yong' bittergourd, eggplant, chillies, lady fingers etc watever tht can be stuffed!
Salivate yet?

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