UTOPIA: High Internet Usage

Friday, August 29, 2008

High Internet Usage

"Dear All,
Kindly note that we have noticed you have been using the office Internet for surfing NON-WORK RELATED websites, resulting in a relatively higher internet usage than normal. Please take note that the Internet Usage is meant for work purposes only. Please act accordingly to prevent any further actions to be taken.
Attached is your internet utilization report
Some unlucky fella got this warning mail which was also 'cc'-ed to all of us in the IT dept...Well, a good move to track people who surf porn, and non-workrelated sites.
This mail even comes with a detailed daily report of URLs that the user surfed for the whole month!
The report is only partially-public (by cc-ing to IT dept, but yet to the whole company), but i guess it is enuff to embarrass this user, as his/her identity is revealed in the report!
I really begin to like this company ;-)


Chee Hoe said...

Hmm.... I do think thats a bit harsh for a first offence.

I actually wonder if the company could do such unilateral action against an employee and in a sence publicly humiliate a staff in the process. The employee could sue if such action is done in UK for example.

Anyways, did he/she really surf porn? :P

Chee Hoe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cbenc12 said...

OOPPSSS..guilty as charged! but i still get work my work done on time le..

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