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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not-so-freaking nitemare

Schooldays? not again!??!!

I dreamt of schooldays again...well, on yesterday nite. A 'not-so-sweet' dream coz i was dreaming of getting my Maths result.

There was this teacher jotting down all our marks on the blackboard, sorted according to marks. From bottom to top. Half of the class failed. Scary man....(*luckily it was just a dream!)

I knew i dun do well, but i dun xpect myself to fail tht paper...i can't afford the shame of failing my Maths paper...i was so terrified!

I searched frantically for my name on the board. To my relief, i wasn't in the lower half category, phew!

The highest score was 78, and i got 51...jst an average one. I was neither happy nor dissapointed...but it very much depicts the real scenario that i had when i was in real life (schooldays years ago)...Thank God i hav gone thru it ;-P

Anyway, Mother's day is just around the corner, any plans to celebrate with your dearest mum?

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