UTOPIA: My grandaunt's son's....who?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My grandaunt's son's....who?

Today is also the wedding day of my maternal grandaunt's son's son's daughter - sort of a distance relative for me. But again, counting on the generation levels, I'm 'technically' the bride's aunt, since I am one generation above her! That's how funny things can get...I dun have any idea on how to address her!

The banquet is held at a 5-star hotel, located in between KLCC and Pavillion...
It's not the couple nor the food i'm interested with, but I m more excited to be out of house...seeing things and practising my photoshooting skills...
Some artistic paintings displayed at the lobby area, I seriously dunno how to interpret these paintings!
Chinese Porcelain
The view outside
Wonderful lightings!
Comfortable sofas
Not-so-spiral staircase
Evening skyline at the city
Typical table setting
Door gift...mmnnn..what's in the box? Some decor on the table


Canny Har™ said...

my dear Nux..why never upload ur photo ler? Keen to see.. :)

p/s: congratss to ur grandaunt's son's son's daughter !!

Holly Jean said...

so.. what was in the box? chocs?


Nux V said...

Canny: my dear Canny, i m camera-shy ;P

holly jean: yes, chocs!

Keong said...

nice beautiful place.....

keeyit said...

Next time u can use normal shot rather than using flash.. will that be better? U try la..

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