UTOPIA: Wonderland

Saturday, April 12, 2008


What's the similarity between these pictures?
Look carefully
Can't figure out yet?Onions, giant tomatoes on the dining table, with dried chillies hanging
bun-like rock hills
my fav, brocolli (as trees) and hot air balloons...i wanted to be in this wonderland!
a cart loading giant garlics!
underwater world with carrots resembling stalactite
cottages, with stalls selling giant tomatoes, how great if this is real!
All these are made from food. When i was a kid, i used to dream to live in such fantasy world...
coz I dun have to worry about being hungry, as everyting is edible ;-)

1 comment :

Canny Har™ said...

Fairy tale? LOL! Ya for u to dream..hahaha!

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