Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nuffnang is USELESS

Well, this statement could be too harsh on them, but i m already dissappointed with the long wait of being selected to run an ads campaign.

As being told (on their site, and in their correspondent support mail)
"There are many factors affect a blog’s selection in being delivered a Cost-Per-Unique Visitor ad, among many is the ad placement on the blog and whether a blog is Glitterati or not".

I have met all those criterias and in fact a Glitterati member, but till now, i m yet to be selected :-(

I might as well scrap off my Glitterati member and rejoin adverlets, at least i can earn a few cents daily...(rather than nothing!)

On the other hand, I hav just got my EPF statement (Employee Provident Fund) and to my surprise, the dividend calculation are all WRONG! This is horrible! All these while I thought it should be correct, but after being told by a colleague, I calculated and found some mistakes. This entire thing is creating more problems to my already-problematic-life....


xBrain said...

Hey Bro,

It is actually depending on your site strength.

Trough my judgment, your site not even received more than 50uniquer visitors daily.

If I am an advertiser, i would not advertise on your site as well.

My suggest is, if you dont like NN, you can just leave them. I wont hurt anyone feeling as well.

Have you tried, Aductions before?

First, please change your theme of this blog, put up some good content and participate more on the social online network to get your own fans.

Either you wanted to do it now or you'd better to stop blogging.

Nux V said...

xbrain: yo bro, 50 unique visitors? r u NUTs? isn't it supposed to be like 20++ visitors (for over a week)?
btw, i m blogging here for fun, not for the sake of earning $$, but from user perspective, seriously Nuffnang got to change their marketing strategy if it is meant to lure bloggers away from any of their SEA competitors. Otherwise, it is just all empty promises! and for the INNIT thingy, well i guess it is pretty much useless too, unless u r aiming for an overnight fame.

Mc_Bone said...

obviously,u did not read nuffnang terms and conditions clearly( which not many ppl does ; nvm abt that)

here are some sites that could generate your traffic
entrecard <-- go read 3point8

and many more ...

good luck

joshuaongys said...

hey... this is what i know.. there is a quota for the CPC ads by nuffnang... by default most bloggers will choose to have CPC ads when their blogs have no "assigned" ads.. these Cost-Per-Click ads will be click eventually right??

when it reaches an amount of clicks then the campaign of the brand will be shut off temporarily.. so u will see a default Nuffnang logo there

about the "assigned" ads, just wait for them to assign ads to ur blog bah... u know what.. they have 3k blogs registered in the 1st month wen they launch nuffnang... now is already 1 Year since they launch nuffnang already... so u guess there are how many blogs registered on nuffnang... the process takes time i believe...

thats all =)

hope you get ur ad real soon and don't la so piss of k?? =)

Chee Hoe said...

I think blog placement is also important. Try putting your ad at the very top (ie below your welcome and above your about me section).

By the way. I click on your add :)

3POINT8 said...

I haven't receive any campaign ads from nuffnang from more than a month even though my unique visis are climbing. I was very frustrated at one point too, until I reminded myself that I blog for fun, just like you.

Cometh said...

Either you wanted to do it now or you'd better to stop blogging."

This, I don't agree with what Xbrain said.

Do the seo thingy and if not stop blogging?

Duh, one can blog fine without readers....

I am a good example... =p... Blogging without much readers... =p

And I feel great all the same.

Stop blogging because do not do those networking stuff?
Yeah, right~~~~~~~

jam said...

Calm down, just wait for your turn. To get a Nuffnang ads on your blog, sometimes we need to have a bit of luck. I also dun get one.

syhcool said...

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