Friday, November 17, 2017

Final Day onsite

I'm slowly transferring some of those pictures that I captured from my it would be in the LIFO stage (Last In First Out). Those pics that are most recent are the ones that I'm goin to transfer out first...Anyway, I'm gonna transfer the whole folder when I got the time. Now, it's just steadily bit-by-bit...
here's a recap of my final day in the beautiful land of Mauritius...
It was showering in the morning and then I saw this rainbow from my room. Yea, my room is facing the hill and the sea (from afar). Quite a nice day despite the cloudy skies. I still need to go to the office on my final day, coz it was a weekday.
Since it was my last working day there, their 'boss' brought us (me & another colleague) out for lunch at a nearby mall.  
 Bagatelle mall is their largest mall in the country and it is newly built. Despite being the largest mall, it is still far more 'smaller' compared to our megamalls in Klang Valley. It is a one-storey mall with many international brands/outlets, 3 supermarts, a tiny foodcourt and a few restaurants.
Since we are 'rushing' to get back to office by 2:30, we have to hurried our lunch. Hence we decided to have something fast (but not simple) at a restaurant with the least patrons - The 'Istanbul Bagatelle' restaurant.
It is basically a Turkish restaurant.
I ordered the chicken brochette rice. The rice is sort of like a mild version of bryani, lightly seasoned with spices and has tiny bits of shallots, raisins, herbs leafy...
The chicken in skewer was juicy and tender, very well marinated.
Overall, the meal was a satisfying one and enuff to last me till midnite.
The final day was a hectic one due to some last minute requests. I basically worked to the full brim until the very last 'second'. My senior has to stop me from working further coz we have a flight to catch.
Anyway, we managed to reach the airport on time and still have lil' time to linger around their duty free shops.
The airport is about the size of our KLIA2 (or even smaller) but it is well maintained & cosy. At least their toilet is clean (unlike our KLIA 2).
The duty free shop isn't huge, but it has the usual stuffs that u normally see such as liquor, chocolates, souvenirs, bags, candies...etc
 There isn't much place to munch & loiter...except for the Subway restaurant and another stall nearby. Can't see any Starbucks at all.
  Took the evening flight at local time 8:50pm (GMT +4)
Slight delay when taking off. When the meal was served, it is considered my 'supper' - clockwise from top left: Chicken breast salad, sweet dessert cake (can't recall), coke, curry chicken rice with dhal, bun.
Sort of the usual flight meal when u travel around the Indian region.
 The flight reached Changi airport around 8:00am (GMT +8) the next day.
Good morning SG! It was a nice weather with clear blue skies!
Due to some aviation regulations, all passengers were required to alight and re-queue for onboard the same plane. Such a waste of time but at least I got to stretch my legs & use their free wifi in the waiting lounge.
Touched down KL at 10:30am. It was a working day, supposedly I need to get back to the office but I can't stand the sleepiness, hence I took a day off :-)


Libby said...

I like the flight meal as I like curry chicken, hungry

Nice if you can extend a few more days just for leisure for this working trip

mun said...

Wow! You are so diligent and hard working to work till the very last moment until almost missing your flight. The company is lucky to have hired you. Any vacancies in your company? I guess many here would be interested to work with you, hehehehe. :)

PH said...

Wah seh! You get to go to Mauritius! Honestly for me, I don't like to travel for work. I prefer to work in one place and then travel for leisure hee..hee..

Nux V said...

Libby: I wish I could extend but, I have tasks waiting for me back in KL :-(

Mun: not to the extend of missing flight...we still 'play safe'. Yea, we do have vacancies as the company is expanding, unfortunately not in my dept ;-)

Phong Hong: I have some colleagues who are like you too, especially the married ones with kids.

Twilight Man said...

I learnt a new word LIFO.
I have been thinking of visiting Mauritius but something is delaying my thoughts.
Your company might send you there again!

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