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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

M136 Coffee

Sometime ago, I went for a cuppa at a colleague's fren place.
 unfortunately I was not in the mood for tea & dun take coffee, hence i ordered a fresh mango juice...it took like some good 15 minutes to arrive~~~
and I told myself that must be a very nice mango juice since it takes time to prepare
yea, it is pure mango without cordial...hence it wasn't sweet with subtle taste, which i thought it should be.
 and I thought it is specially made without sugar coz it wasn't sweet despite having a 'concentrated look'...
a moment later (halfway into drinking) the owner suddenly served me the peach tea...
She admit that the mango juice shouldn't taste like this and offer that peach tea to compensate it.
*slap forehead
well, i got this peach tea for free! but ended up goin to toilet coz of drinking too much. 
 never in my life went into a caf√© drinking 2 glasses of juices instead of tea!


mun said...

I really wonder why the owner knows that the mango juice does not taste like authentic mango juice made from fresh mango? What did she make the mango juice from?

Twilight Man said...

LOL. What a funny encounter! I think I am a glutton as I drink anything served in cups! I drink coffee 2-3 times daily. That Mango juice looked perfect to me but pictures can be deceiving.

You reminded me of a recent encounter where I ate at a new Malay restaurant owned by the Kerabat Raja's family. After eating the special cake, the lady boss told me that it was an oven flop and she modified it to what I ate!! So she gave me complimentary since I said it was a delicious Orange Chocolate cake.

Yee Ling said...

The mango juice looks very concentrate and thick..if it's meant to make from the mango.hahah

I would not able to finish a drink by myself what's not two.

Nux V said...

Mun: the owner could be tasting the mango juice after her staff done with it...It tasted like mango but just not too flavourful, sort of using some cheapskate mango I tink. At least the owner is honest as she is my colleague's friend.

Twilight Man: eh, complimentary cake, not bad....

Yee Ling: lol, it took me some time to finish ;-)

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