UTOPIA: Nite Exploration @ Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nite Exploration @ Hard Rock Hotel Bali

I dun hav much chance of exploring this hotel as we usually went out in the morning and came back late at nite.
Here's a few pics I took on the final nite of my stay in the hotel.
The staircase with colourful wall picture....
 Too dark for picture...here's the garden @ midnite
 Gigantic chess set @ garden
 the gym room
 the pool
 and the man-made beach in the hotel
 a nearby restaurant rite next to the man-made beach...
 the wide corridor...there is a radio studio on the left
 yea, it is Hard Rock radio station that broadcast over the Bali island. The DJ was on air!
The spa and sauna room
 nope, I did not get to try out these...
all the above were closed coz it was midnite :-(


mun said...

At least you managed to find time to walk around and take photos for remembrance on the final night. The colourful wall is very nice. Looks like colourful fabric is used.

CL (RealGunners) said...

You should've gatecrashed the DJ ma.. doesn't seem like there's anything to stop you from doing so... :P

Nux V said...

Mun: that was late at nite and all the facilities has already closed...is kinda different feel when it was captured during the daytime...my pics here look so lonesome!

RealGunners: I wish to! but that room is locked :-(

mun said...

During the day, you would be able to take photos of the spa and sauna as there would be people using them, hehehehe.

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