UTOPIA: Seaside Dining

Monday, April 18, 2016

Seaside Dining

After an almost 3 hours flight, we touched down Ngurah Rai airport in the late afternoon. After done with the check-out and briefing, we were immediately whisked to the Jimbaran area. Traffic could be bad in Bali at certain hours, hence instead of dropping us off in the hotel (in Kuta), we went straight to Jimbaran to gather with the rest of my colleague (who arrived from the earlier flight).
Here's one iconic statue in the town area - some warriors with horses, dunno from which 'Hikayat'.
we were kinda early when reaching our dinner place. Dinner was scheduled at 6pm plus. We were there by 5 something. Nevertheless, everyone was excited with the beach and start clicking away.
why not? with clear blue skies and beautiful beach setting, everyone wants to get a nice 'memorable' shot.
here's our table
it was a seaside dining, enjoyin the sunset while feasting on our barbequed seafood platter
sounds too good to be true hor? unfortunately, the skies turn dark & cloudy within minutes.
thankfully it did not rain, but we dun get to enjoy a superb view. Food was so-so, despite being hungry from the lousy flight lunch, I did not managed to finish off this platter coz the seafood wasn't cleaned thoroughly... 
luckily we stayed at tourist area where there are lots of convenient stores to grab some snacks for our supper ;-)


mun said...

Could it be that the seafood has been cleaned but then the sand from the beach got into the seafood again? I think you have been to Bali many times, is this correct? because I think I have read about your trip to Bali before (also a company trip).

Anonymous said...

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CL (RealGunners) said...

Like Mun said, maybe it was the sand. Beach dining, usually is just for the view and not food quality. :/

Twilight Man said...

I remember my tour guide taking us to dine by the seaside restaurants near the tip of Bali airport's runway. It was so unique to see many planes hovering about our heads while landing. We had very nice barbeque seafood dinner.

I liked the long table set on the beach for you guys! So romantic like a private Hollywood styled wedding banquet at Santa Monica beach!!

Nux V said...

Mun: I think the one that u read was a prelude of this trip, it is the same trip coz this happened like more than half year ago ;-) just that I did not blog about it in detailed until today...

RealGunners: too bad, the view wasn't spectacular....and so were the food :-(

Twilight Man: yea, I think it is somewhere nearby the place I dined too! despite cloudy skies, we managed to get a clear view of the planes landing, and guessing the planes!

Yee Ling said...

I love Bali and particularly in Ubud. Would love to spend some time in Kuta or Seminyak if there is a chance in future.

Nux V said...

Yee Ling: yea, the paddy field in Ubud is so green and eye-soothing!

Huai Bin said...

I recognize the statue - it's just as you pass through Denpasar heading to Kuta, Seminyak etc.

Oh, I also recognize Jimbaran, as soon as I saw the beach/seaside dining, I knew you were in Jimbaran. It's a very nice place to have dinner, but it can be quite hot in the afternoon. It's best at night. It's been a while since we're in Bali, would love to go again.

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