UTOPIA: Loots from Spain

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Loots from Spain

These are the pics taken by the annoyin' sis when she visited Spain last month. Looking at those sceneries, despite being sunny, the weather was nice with cooling and windy air...*Just my perfect kinda weather. And nothing beats the beauty of European streets...wide & clean (*but deserted? coz I see minimal vehicles on the road!). Not to mention the gothic buildings and churches that are ever so fascinating!
ok, enuff with the praises...I shall leave this with the 'tour agent' or some people who went there to brag about it...LOL!
 let's see what she has got back for me....
 yea, mainly edible stuffs! my usual request for someone who wants to buy me souvenirs - only LOCAL snacks accepted! so, she got me localized flavour Ruffles, Pringles, chocs, red wine, fruits jams, pastries, and chorizo!
These magnets are not for me...those are for her colleagues, but I dun mind having them if they are edible...muahahah!
I m a hopeless junkie m.o.n.s.t.e.r!!!


mun said...

Do edible souvenir magnets exist? ;p

So nice of your sister to cart back so much local snacks from Barcelona for you to try. How come you did not go traveling with her to Barcelona?

Princess Ribbon said...

Wahhh, so many goodies from dear sis! I love it.. I see potato chips, jam, fridge magnets, nice wor..

Twilight Man said...

Fulamak!!! So much goodies! I wish I have a sister like yours. Please ask her adopt me.

After seeing RealGunner's Barcelona posts and your loots, I should start saving to visit Spain.

Nux V said...

Mun: haha...who would buy edible magnets? that trip was organized by her company sports club and she tags with her colleagues. Although they allowed friends/family to join but i prefer travel solo.

Princess Ribbon: i m craving for spam....but she didn't me get a Chorizo spam!!!

Twilight Man: i will ask her to adopt u, but beware she is annoying. Yea, i tink my next destination would be Spain!

CL (RealGunners) said...

I'm even more annoying than your sis. I did not manage to bring any Spanish souvenirs back, because they were confiscated upon my touching down back in Istanbul! Actually it should be I am annoyed rather than annoying... >.<

Nux V said...

RealGunners: so sorry to hear that...I will be very annoyed with that too if all my shopping stuffs being confiscated, coz it wasted my effort & money.

Huai Bin said...

Wow! I had to click on the larger picture and examine your loot one by one coz I'm very interested in snacks.

Love the Sabor Jamon Pringles, never seen that before, is it Spanish Iberico Ham flavored?

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