UTOPIA: Happy Birthday Yeseo!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Yeseo!

Nothing melts my heart when seeing kids birthday. Well, why not? This is so cute!!!
U dun hav to know what they are talking about...but if u r curious, u can scroll down for their conversation. This lil' b'day celebration reminds me of the one that I had when I was a kid, it was jst me and my family kinda affair, with my elder sis being the 'noisy' one, 'shiok sendiri' like this bigger sister does. This 'big sis' even gave her an 'angpow' of 20,000 KRW! LOL! so thoughtful of her...

The bigger sis is kinda creative in making the hats and the 'game' present, which to her lil' sis astonishment, but I tink she's jst not so interested with it compared with the yummy foods on the table!
It kinda reminiscent of my childhood days, with an 'annoying' sis whole steal the 'limelight' all the time (I dun talk much back then, and still is). Yea, my elder sis enjoys making crappy cards & gifts too! Anyway, heck cares coz all I want is to eat!
Here's their conversation:
Yerin: Didn't I make it well? I made this, look.
Dad: You did, Yerin?
Yerin: I made that too. Mom made that and I made that. I made yours, Dad.
Yerin: How about this? You can blow out 2 candles and I can blow out 2 candles.
Dad: Let's have Yeseo blow them out since it's her birthday. Should we sing Happy Birthday?
Mom: Yeseo, happy 4th birthday!
Dad: Happy birthday!
Mom: Say something to Yeseo as an older sister.
Yerin: Happy birthday.
Dad: That's enough~ Too loud.
Mom: Wow, Yerin has a present for Yeseo. Your older sister made it for you. Thank your sister.
Yeseo: Thank you sister~
Yeseo: Let's open it.
Mom: What could it be? She can't even open it...
Yerin: Yes you can! Yes you can! Look.
Dad: What could it be?
Yerin: Can you give me scissors? You need scissors...
Dad: Why did you tape it?
Yerin: I don't need the scissors anymore.
Yeseo: I'm curious!
Dad: Yerin, that's good enough. It's going to rip.
Yerin: It's a game.
Dad: What could it be? I'm excited.
Yerin: Oh, come on...
Dad: What is it?
Yerin: A game.
Mom: Wow, Yeseo, your sister gave you 20,000 won. She gave you money and even a present. What is that?
Yerin: Sketchbook.
Mom: It's a sketchbook?
Yeseo: It looks so yummy!
Yerin: This is really fun. These are two kids going abroad???....And they go like this. This is where they start. Whoever gets lost loses and whoever finds the right place wins.
Mom: Oh, really?
Yeseo: ???
Yerin: ???
Dad: It's a game you designed yourself, Yerin.
Yeseo: I want to eat!


mun said...

Haha, who brought your attention to this U tube video? Good that it took you for a walk down memory lane.

Huai Bin said...

I guess I'm the annoying sibling coz once my sister had a birthday party and I blew out her candles for fun. She was soooo angry after that but I was just a kid. I actually can't barely remember it, she reminded me when she came back for Ching Ming. Haha.

Princess Ribbon said...

Call me jakun, but siapa tu?

CL (RealGunners) said...

Hahaha! The last sentence by Yeseo is the key point! XD

NuxV said...

Mun: I was browsing some other video in U Tube and it just got in the list.

Huai Bin: pity ur sister, did she revenge back on ur b'day?

Princess Ribbon: haha...they are just some ordinary kids being featured in U Tube.

RealGunners: yay! I want to EAT!

Hayley said...

Very sweet and cute young ladies!

Nux V said...

Hayley: go get a daughter! haha!

Huai Bin said...

Nope, she's quite different from me, personality wise. She'll just ignore me and be the mature one (coz she's 2 years older). :)

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