UTOPIA: Authentic Nepali Cuisine @ Nepali Chulo

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Authentic Nepali Cuisine @ Nepali Chulo

The first appetizer that came to our table was this dumpling called Momo (in Nepali)...and i was surprised to see a resemblance of somewhat chinese (cantonese) "wor tip". Indeed, this delicacy is so common back home.
btw, this Momo tasted similar to "wor tip"!
next is bean soup...this reminds me of lentil soup...the picture here doesn't look appetizing coz it was captured under flash light in dark surrounding.
various types of beans found in this soup...
we were served with goat's milk for drinks
not quite sure if it was goat's milk or something else..but the odour was too strong that i couldn't stand it. End up i did not take even a sip.
as for the main meal, the waiter will hand you an empty food tray and fill up the food onto your tray...
u gotta stop them if u hav enuff or does not wish to have that particular dish.
I had rice, wild boar meat, chicken, spinach...their menu was pretty standard as every dish is pre-cooked. Patrons can choose either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. That's it.
the food was so-so, nothing much to shout about, and the entertainment was okay.
Unless if you are an food adventura, this place is worth a try.
Bon Appetit!

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