UTOPIA: CNY Dinner - Round 1

Friday, March 1, 2013

CNY Dinner - Round 1

I had my reunion dinner with family on 29th of the month rather than the eve. We did it at a nearby Chinese restaurant. It was indeed crowded...coz everyone seems to prefer having their "Lou Sang" in restaurant these days...whether it be with family, friends or colleague...Hence, it is not unusual to hav such crowds before CNY day.
Our first dish was Yee Sang (raw fish salad)...right after it was served on our table, the tossing begun with well-wishes and hopes for the year...I was so darn hungry (due to the long wait) that i kept refilling my plate for a few rounds!
and i had sharkfin soup...though not mch fins to be found in that thick soup!
next was roasted spring chicken...tastewise "so-so" only
but their braised seafood in claypot was good...lotsa sea cucumber, oyster etc
steamed cod fish in soy sauce is perfect...luv its tender meat, and it was very fresh!
there goes our sponsor ;-)
one big smile from the sponsor after a filled tummy of yummie food!
 well, that's the last yee sang i had in this year...the next round shall be CNY next year...
Bon Appetit!

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