UTOPIA: The Magnificent Tashichho Dzong

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Magnificent Tashichho Dzong

Tashichho Dzong is presently houses the throne room and offices of the king, the secretariat and the ministries of home affairs and finance.
I was fortunate enuff to have the chance to visit this prestigious Dzong in Thimphu...as i did not expect that the project site is exactly located at the king's office.
 There are strict rules to adhere when entering this place...It was properly guarded by the royal guard, and strict dress code are to be followed.
Bhutanese have to wear a formal traditional attire "Gho" (for men) and "Kira" with "Toego" (for women).
Foreigners have to wear formal attire...as if you are entering some sort of palace...No jeans, hats, or even umbrella is allowed!
btw, no one is allowed to shoot pictures on the ground...it is prohibited...until after their office hour 
the Dzong architecture from one of the nearby building...the window panels are made from wood
 it was cold autumn evening...each of this wooden door has another layer of thick "curtain" beneath it that blocks the wind from getting into the building...Hence, each time i gotta flip the "curtain" before i get into the office
as it gets darker...the Dzong was lit up 
 it looks awesomely prestigious
 from afar, it looks like some chinese temple...but it isn't (of course!)
 perhaps some sort of fortress...a well-maintained architecture
btw, the king's office is at the left tower!

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