UTOPIA: MAS Airline Food: enroute KL-BKK and vice versa

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MAS Airline Food: enroute KL-BKK and vice versa

KUL-BKK (Economy Class)
MAS airline....I have always been wanting to try this airline since i was a kid. During then, most of my classmate have already experienced flight in this well-known international airline. It was quite popular then due to the only M'sian established "international airline" that operates in M'sia years before the budgeted airline (Air Asia) being set up. I have no chance of taking MAS after Air Asia covered many international routes...Well, this time is exceptional coz of my flight transit in Suvarnabhumi Airport...hence the chance of taking MAS as it stops at this airport.
Air Asia no longer stops in Suvarnabhumi but in Don Muang since October last year...and i got a valid reason to request for MAS this time!
The flight from KLIA to Suvarnabhumi took 2 hours. Despite the short distance, we were still being served lunch. Passengers were given the options: "Fish" or "Chicken".
I opted for fish. The sliced fish is cooked with black dice bean...to be eaten with rice and mixed veggie (brocolli, carrots, french beans). The combination tasted weird...coz i hav never eaten fish cooked in such way! The fruit cake is so-so...and thankfully they offered Toblerone chocolate...at least i have some choc to munch on!
BKK-KUL (Economy Class)
My flight back to KUL was scheduled at night, 7:45pm BKK time...It was then delayed for like 20 minutes due to late departure from KUL and hence it arrived late at BKK. What such excuse?!! But it could be blessing in disguise coz due to that i managed to finish up my report and sent out on time (just in the nick of time before boarding the plane!). Passenger who was at the boarding gate must have thought i m a super busy & hardworking fella coz i was all-serious-and-was-typing-fast on my laptop just minutes before boarding!
There were quite alot of working class passengers with suits and ties boarding the Economy class too...i was wondering if these people were on a one-day-work-trip to BKK coz they looks as if they have just finished their work on a Friday evening and board a plane back to KL!
Anyway, here's my dinner.  Noodles with soy sauce chicken, cakes, and kit kat chocolate!
 the chicken dish is delicious...but the noodles doesn't look appetizing!
overall, this meal is consider "okay" for a 2-hour journey ;-)
not-too-full nor too-light for a 2-hour flight meal
Bon Voyage & Bon Appetit!

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