UTOPIA: DrukAir Food: enroute BKK-Paro and vice versa

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DrukAir Food: enroute BKK-Paro and vice versa

I was so reluctant at first to have purchase the air ticket using my own credit card. It wasn't cheap...A one way travel cost me USD450 and it was only an economy class! I was sort of grumbling "What can this small airplane offer, charging that much for a short distance route?!!"
Well, i was wrong...i mean, yea it might be a small airplane but their services are much better than Emirates or any bigger well-known airways that handles airbus. And btw, it isn't easy to fly over the mountains over in Bhutan, so i guess that's the price to pay for.
So, it is justifiable for a professional pilot and the warm services that you get from their pretty air-hostess. Yea, they have pretty Bhutanese air-hostess who looks like some Asian supermodel, but they are efficient & tough!
I was having some hard time stuffing my hand-carry luggage into the top compartment, and in a few seconds (without me realizing) a beautiful hand of an air-hostess just reached out from no where! Efficient, isn't she? Very unlike to Emirates who are rude and arrogant.
BKK-Paro (Economy Class)
Btw, here's the meal that i had in the plane with Economy Class seat...I kinda like their bright orange cutlery...it looks "retro" but attractive! The main course consists of sliced potatoes, scrambled egg, green leafy veggie and tomato.  Desserts were croissant, fruits, blueberry cheese cake, strawberry yogurt, with a choice of tea/coffee.

 here's a closer look at the main dish
the plane stops for about 30 minutes at Bagdogra Airport in India to embark & disembark some passengers. Druk Air is one of the 2 allowed international flights that caters for Bhutan, hence, the Druk Air has to fully utilized their airplane by servicing 2 routes at one time. Now, I understood why it takes like 4 hour plus to reach Paro from Bangkok when it only needs like 2.5 hour plus for the direct journey. Blur me!
Paro-BKK (Business Class)
The economy class ticket was sold out when i tried booking it online, hence leaving me without choice, but to purchase the Business Class. Not much of different between these 2 except that the food, amenities and services are better. The ticket price does not differ much...it cost about USD470 for one-way. However, it varied accordingly, sometimes it is priced at USD500++
Here's one pretty Bhutanese lady serving me juice...she got a very nice warm smile...she looks very Oriental, it's hard to tell (if you are a foreigner) that she is a Chinese or Bhutanese.

 the tea set during the flight from Paro to Gaya (India)...yea, the plane pass thru India again...
 the tea set consists of (non-vegetarian): Egg sandwiches, tuna croissant, tiramisu, juice, coffee/tea
the tiramisu is delicious!
The plane stop-over at Gaya Airport (in West Bengal, India) for about an hour before resuming its journey to BKK.
Once it takes off, we were served another meal...the lunch set 
 their menu is simple
everytime they will asked if we prefer option vegetarian or non-veggie, coz many Bhutanese follows strict diet due to their Buddhism religion. Anyhow, i m a carnivorous (haha!) i prefer meat.
Here's my beef in oyster sauce with noodle. It is a rice-noodle (or known as Meehoon in my local language). I didn't know they have such food in Bhutan too! It tastes good with beef!
here's the chocolate cake with almond nuts
 During my flight back to BKK, the entire row are vacant! i was occupying the whole row...and with my 3 other colleagues, each of them were taking a row each...oh, what a luxury!
not to mention, the toilet is cleaner too as it has a dedicated toilet jst for the Biz class.
well, despite the biz class, it still hav no tv/entertainment media. The only entertainment is the flight magazine!
But, it doesn't get me bored...it was just a short journey after all!

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