UTOPIA: Come Fly with Me - Paro Airport, Bhutan

Monday, February 18, 2013

Come Fly with Me - Paro Airport, Bhutan

Paro airport has a single, 6,445 feet (1,964 m) asphalt runway.The Airport's facilities include: one passenger terminal with four check-in desks, one gate, one cargo terminal and two aircraft hangars. Such a small airport!
Druk Air is the national flag carrier airline of Bhutan and has its base at Paro Airport.
On my way back to BKK, i took a Business Class flight, hence entitled to enjoy the facilities in the VIP lounge.
Here's the VIP lounge. It has wifi, but doesn't seem to work! 
 the entire lounge is empty with only us!
 it has food/snacks served at one corner
 it was exactly the food u'll get in the flight
 the tuna pastry...some flight crew has taken a few pieces for their breakfast...hahaha!
 when it is time to board, we adjourned to the boarding lobby...but not without passing thru the custom check...
after the custom check...we were directed to this small waiting hall with a touch of Bhutanese interior...
U can see a list of the King's (previous & present) potraits hanging on the wall. The Bhutanese respected their King as much as they respected their God/Religion...
 The wall art and pillars painting
 Drawings of dragons...again, for "feng shui"?
 here's some souvenir u can find in the airport...these are local Bhutanse attire for men called "Gho"...each of this mini "Gho" priced at USD5 per piece...looks good!
 the ladies attire in pink "Toego" (jacket) and the inner layer is called "Kira" (a dress to the feet). Very colorful indeed!
 purses, with colorful fabric, around USD4-USD10
 just rite outside of the airport, our plane is waiting
 Here's one picture taken (illegally!) nearby the runway
 and the boarding gate (pic below). The local Bhutanese have features resemblance of Chinese (I found it hard to differentiate between Chinese and Bhutanese!)
 The airport is about 3-storey high...the exterior architecture similar to some Chinese temple (at least in my opinion)
 At one part of the airport...it is only one-storey...This airport could be one of the smallest "International" airport I have ever been.
Anyway, that doesn't matter coz it is well equiped and its lounge has a heater...yay!
 Though i m foreign to this land, but i feel like home...coz this place (i m not talking about the airport, k?) resembles some small town in M'sia...sort of localize environment and undiscovered. It is so peaceful and people are warm, nice, kind, humble...etc
Something which I could hardly find in any place.

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