UTOPIA: Chinese New Year 2013 - recap

Monday, February 25, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 - recap

Within a blink of an eye, CNY came and go...it passes so fast as if never happen.
in fact, I did not actually celebrate CNY...all i did was some shopping at the local marts...
and not even malls!
But i found something interesting and colorful such as as these:
 assorted nuts (above picture) and some candies (below picture)
 nicely packed goodies and candies displayed everywhere
 here are the cookies, ranging from pineapple tarts, to egg rolls to chocolate chips!
not to be missed
CNY is not complete without
to kick in some spice!!!
 and perhaps if u dun prefer the McD...
a local 'burger' will do the trick! hahaha!
here's one sort of Chinese-version 'Sliced Dried Meat' bun
i remembered disliking this bun in my early childhood due to the hard and unchewable meat...but now i began to like it very much...btw, this isn't cheap nowadays. 
Last but not least, what is CNY if there isn't food and gifts exchange?
Someone gave us a big hamper with lotsa goodies....with my fav snacks all in!
and on top of that...i gotta received red packets ($$$) too ;-)

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