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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Around Thimphu

The weather was cold...between -7°C to 7°C in January...My fingers felt numb whenever i take off my hand glove. Unlike last year, it may not be as cold...but the locals have foresee that it may snow in a few days time...Indeed it snowed one week after i left Bhutan.
I might have missed the winter...But nevertheless, i like the weather and scenery in Thimphu...
It's less chaotic, due to the low population...You won't see traffic jam in the whole Thimphu...and to your surprise, they dun even have traffic lights! The (main) streets are being controlled by their traffic police.
 the clock tower,
during certain weekends, the clock tower square will become the "stage" for cultural performances
 Druk Hotel is jst located next to the Clock Tower
 a row of shops/offices right in front of the hotel/clock tower
 do you notice that there isn't mch cars on the street and parking lot?
i tink any local town here have more cars than in Thimphu...well, they live a simple life!
 i m still wondering how do ppl commute to work in the cold weather.
There isn't a rail service, and taxi is hardly seen...Only buses are noticeable.
 btw, the shops/offices all look the same...applying the so-called "Dzong" architecture?
 Here is  how the clock tower square looks like. It has terrace stairs for people to sit (for watching performances). On a normal day, it is quiet and serene, what more with a cold weather!
 here's another residential place...if you notice carefully, each of their buildings have either dragon, snake, tiger, or some sort of animals painted on some part of the wall..
Well, overall the density is low, the air is fresher over there, people are nicer, warmer and friendlier...It was like a small town where everyone seems to know each other (mayb not) but their people are humble and mixed around with each other, speaking the same lingo...
It's very unlike here, too havoc of immigrants on top of our multiracial community. People in my country just care for their own business. Somehow, you will feel like "home" if you stay in Bhutan for long...The only lacking is entertainment (well, if you are from the city, you might miss the shopping malls, nite life, cinemas)
coz over here in Thimphu, you hardly see one!

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