UTOPIA: ich habe kein Geld!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ich habe kein Geld!

When u see the above captioned, it means that I m totally cashless.
All thanks to the gah-ver-men! I still owe them my income tax despite being deducted on every single month. Hopefully my calculation is correct and I dun wish to see them bombarding me with replies that I owe them more than I expected, total heart attack, I tellu!
Good thing is that the gah-ver-men know how to do biz out of people’s saving. Yeah, when u see massive jams on the road and long queues in banks on Monday morning, u outta knw wut’s happening…
And the people’s kiasusm is getting more serious these days, it’s so disheartening tht I live in a kiasu world, despite me being one. I was among the early birds in a very long queue, and thank God I managed to get in. Again, déjà vu.
It seems that i was brought up with this kinda culture. First come first served basis. Be early or be sorry. But I guess the situation is much worse in large population cities like Tokyo. Just imagine queuing all the way in the station and end up being sardined in a train.
Queuing for hot cakes.
Will I ever do it again?
Yes, y not?

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amei79 said...

i just submited the e-filling last 2 days...good, i got the amanah...i nvr think to get it, no extra $ at the moment...T_T

Nux V said...

Good to hear that. I dun expect to get it too, things seems to go with the flow, despite not having enuff, i managed to borrow a few K's frm my parent.

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