UTOPIA: Amnesia

Thursday, March 5, 2009


A conversation between Nux and R somewhere in 2003

R: I’m goin bck Penang tis weekend, wanna tag along?
Nux: tht’s a great idea, but I’v been to that place before…
R: raised eyebrow Oh really? When was tht?
Nux: some 10 years ago…
R: how bout the nearby areas, Langkawi, Perlis…
Nux: yeapz, been there too.

Nux: 11-12 years ago…

R: ah…I see, any other places that u’ve yet to visit?
Nux: well, I’ve been to all the states in Peninsular, but there were all for quite some time ago.
R: like a decade ago?
Nux: nodding hard exactly.
R: didn’t u go anywhere in the past few years?
Nux: *a moment of silence looking very very confused, thinking deep for long

By then, R started suspecting Nux of having lost memories that span for a decade.

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