UTOPIA: Touched!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Had returned the company laptop. I'm now blogging from my good ol' desktop, for the very first time! There were so much configuration need to be done on this lousy machine. Earlier i couldn't login Facebook, blogger account, MyBlogLog and a few other sites that requires password. Not even able to post up comments. Sucks!
Changed a few IE settings here and there and voila! get back to the original state! Despite that, am yet to get used with desktop after years of being on laptop. The screen looks weird to me, and the noise from the CPU is so unbearable.
Am officially resigned from my company 2 days ago. Abit touched when some people do replied to my thank you & farewell note. But none of them are locals except one. Seems like my work were much appreciated internationally rather than local :-S
Well, these people might not be reading this blog (they dun even know me in blogosphere), but here i would like to thank them for the well-wishes...
Koleen Rose Priagula Matthias Wohlgemuth Rens de Haan Kunchalee Suportnuntaboon Seok Lee Kaori Kudo Mario Vicente Jinnathan Boonmeephat Jeffrey Tan Philip Su Iris Chiang Choy Wan


keeyit said...

Good news... good news..

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