UTOPIA: Obsession

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Lately, i found myself being obsessed with things that are neatly arranged or in an array form. Being a neat person myself, i used to arrange things accordingly and keep my workstation super tidy and clean. And i can't help but to steal these pictures from my sis camera, which she took during her recent company trip.

Neatly arranged desserts!
Don't u think these are COLORFUL?

Such a nice pattern of arranged tables & chairs at the open-air garden restaurant!
Well, the ambience is great too *^^*

i jst need another 3 months to be in paradise!



xniquet said...

yayy...maybe you are getting OCD :P

BTW...your blog is finally reviewed at the Review Gods...enjoy reading it ya:P

Nux V said...

xniquet: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? yaya, i doubt!

iammai said...

wish I could eat one of those...

Anonymous said...

So I guess you'll love this website:

Your OCD side will be thankful.

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