UTOPIA: The Legendary Gymnast

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Legendary Gymnast

The year was 1998, the team made it to the top, being the first time in history for Commonwealth Games. Among the one that shines most is none other than our legendary Gymnast Queen - Thye Chee Kiat. I secretly admire her, way before she was well-known nationwide.

2 years before the games, she and her team were temporary relocated to my school before transfering to BJSS (Sports School). Despite being 'physically' placed in a same Moral class (during then, we combined class for Moral studies), I have never talk or even mingle with them (the entire Gymnast team), except with a bubbly and petite gal, Shalini. Well, they were popular in the school, the guys admire them and the gals envy them alot! But, one weird thing about them is that, they were so deprived of food, coz the moment the recess starts, they went down to canteen and eat non-stop (till the recess end) ;-P

The first time i saw them performing was in the school field during our sports day. I was mesmerized to watch their entire performance coz they did it so well and with great confidence. It was indeed an eye-opener to see a performance that is so up-to-par with the international standard, doing their routines at the school field. That was the greatest live performance i hav ever seen, and was very well assured that they will get some gold medals 2 years later - which they DID! Well done, gals!

* i knw tht my congratulatory note came a lil' too late!

Of all the routines, i like this the most. It was her confidence that gained her marks!


And the thrilling moment...

You made us proud!


Keong said...

the elastic girl....

khengsiong said...

Legendary gymnast? I thought you were talking about Nadia Comaneci, the fist gymnast to be awarded a perfect 10 score in Olympic.

Netster said...

ohhh wow! okay I like to admire her too ;)


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