Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have been to IKEA for many times, but most of the time, i did not get to take picture. IKEA is one of my fav hang-out place, most probably b'coz of its ice cream and hot dog...
*not the furniture that i m interested with!
Went there on last week. It was quite early when we reached that area as to avoid problem in getting a parking space. The day was early, as you can see the restaurants just opened at The Curve and no one is dining. We went to IKEA to have our brunch, but before that, we walked past Ikano.
Went in for a pee...
Reaching IKEA!
IKEA famous hotdog.
Hotdog: $2 + free flow of soft drink: $1
Some illegal pictures we took at IKEA. Home-sweet-home!
Tea or coffee? Some display item...
Their user-friendly price tag
A very simple kitchen
Sort of a mini kitchen for small apartments
And the expensive one..RM 9,905 for a kitchen cabinet???!!
Mocking a meal...just cabbage???
Brinjal for lunch!
It's fake!
My home, nice or not?
After a good walk, we went to have a stop at their foodcourt and i finally manage to taste their famous Swedish meatball. Unfortunately i did not get to take the picture, but anyway, it was delicious!
And their ice-cream is not bad too!
It took us more than half a day to hang around, coz we also lepak at Ikano, The Curve, Tesco and Cathay Cineleisure Complex.

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yenjai.net said...

that is a WHOLE load of photos ^-^

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