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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy April

April has always been a busy month, especially on job-related stuffs. Besides being the peak time for projects 'go-live', it is also the beginning of 2nd quarter. And for certain companies, it is their bonus month, whereby you will see a huge turnover in the company (ppl quits after getting bonus)...yeah, not to mention the handover of tasks and some trainings to the newly joined colleagues. Well, it is even worse if there isn't a replacement person for that vacant position, the teammates will suffer for handling double/triple job. From the beginning of 1st till today, i can hardly remember of a single day where i m free (or at least have lesser things to do) in this particular month.
I have been working non-stop from 8am-6pm on a beautiful Saturday, when everyone else in the team are having their leisure somewhere...sigh...sigh....I have sleepless nite for weeks now.
And thinking about my job, i sort of frustrated.
Despite that, i m still having a great day on today (ok, yesterday) as i learnt some holy shits very useful skills from my hands-on. Back home, mum has been pestering me to bring her to Ikano...i was like "huh???!!" coz she seldom prefer to go to such places. Thinking back again, it has been quite some time since i last went for an actual shopping spree. I wish to be carefree, escaping everyting, and live life with no worries, but i m still very tied up with my duty (which will oni end on next weekend).
I'm wondering why i m still awake at this time, despite waking up early today. My mind and body are restless...i totally forgot that next thurs is a Labour Day!
Btw, April is also a month to submit Income Tax form, hav you done yours yet?

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