UTOPIA: Bus Stop in Dubai

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bus Stop in Dubai

It's 12 in Noon..
Extreme heat under scorching sun
Your are waiting for the bus
But You're Still Chill














keeyit said...


Good to implement this at Malaysia ya..

3POINT8 said...

Yea, msia could use one of those!

X said...

i am never gonna leave that bus stop :P

Boon said...

eh? this is really real??

Johnny Ong said...

macam curi from my blog???

jam said...

Dubai is such a rich land!

Nux V said...

keeyit: yea...nowadays i can feel my skin burning when waiting for bus under the hot sun, even when there is shelter.

3point8: dream on! m'sia rather spent $$$ to send someone to space rather than building and maintaining these sort of infrastructure ;P

x: me too! i think i will bring my laptop along to tht bus stop. If there is wireless broadband, lagi bagus!

boon: if i tell u tis is fake, do u believe me? wuakakaka

johnny ong: hey, dun simply simply accused..i'm innocent, u noe!
anyway, my source is frm a circulated email, NOT UR BLOG!

jam: yea, damn rich country! they are building alot of gigantic structures and skycrappers. Such bus stops are 'nothing' for them ;P

John said...

For more about Dubai, try thereisnospace.blogspot.com.

The blog is written by a student living in Dubai. Look for the post about the off shore hotel!

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