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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tag - 4 things

I was tagged by Princess (thanks Princess!)

4 Jobs I have had in my life:

• Part timer during semester holidays - various jobs, such as fast food crew, waitress, clerk, sales assistance.
• Part timer as tuition teacher….I taught English and Sciences for primary skool at a neighborhood tuition center, and conned small kids ranging from 7-12 years old, damn syiok!
• Application Developer trainee at Ernst & Young for an internship programme, first time being exposed to office politics…an eye-opener!
• And lastly tadaaa….my current job!

4 Places I have lived:
• not much really, various places in Klang Valley and Singapore (sis place during holidays) but all for short duration.

4 of my Favorite food:
• Anything Japanese
• Fried chicken
• Nasi lemak, Satay, Malay foods

• As long as someone cooks for me, I appreciate it very much!

4 Places I would rather be right now:
• Home sweet home
• Some serene spot, such as waterfall area
• Shopping Malls at Orchard Road, Christmas coming soon, I want to feel the atmosphere!
• Perth, to breathe fresh air!
4 Countries I have been to on vacation:
• I m a proud Malaysian, I have covered all states in Peninsular M’sia, but Borneo not yet ler…unable to find kakis.
• Singapore, with 4 times in a year…damn sien d…
• All countries in European Union ~ in my dream~
• East Asia (Taiwan, HK, Northeastern China, Korea)
Let me see who i can tag next:


Princess Eileen said...

Thanks babe for doing the tag. Oh, sounds like you are a seasonal traveler also. Muahaha... I wont cover borneo with you. After all I am from that part, and pretty much went to most of the towns de. Besides, I found a lot of similarities btw us. COol~

keeyit said...

You have been to quite many places acutally

jam said...

Thanks for the TWO tags in one go. Will find time to do it. How come you are using my another nick?

X said...

Bila Makan amalkan 5 M ...wukakakakkaa

Your plate too many goreng stuff ler...later you sore throat :P

Nux V said...

Princess: oh too bad, was expecting someone to guide me there...anyhow, will try to cover borneo in these 2 years, as many of my buddies already been there..i m so left out ;P

KeeYit: ;P I nvr been to US and Europe continent. There are lot's more places out there.

jam: you're welcomed ;p Take ur time to do it, no rush;P btw, i m jst using ur nick at mybloglog (is tht ur nick?)

X: i dun care wut 5M's is...i eat whatever i want...tht is budaya M'sia...eat like there is no tomoro! wuahahaha...
btw, tht plate of food isn't mine;P

3POINT8 said...

Con small kids??
Nux V: "Kids...Borneo is a very beautiful country! Also, you need to be grateful to your teacher! So, kids, go back to your parents, convince them to buy me a holiday to Borneo ya! If not, I'm gonna give u a B+!!! u hear, a B+!!!"

Nux V said...

3Point8: oh...u got talent on these too!

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