UTOPIA: UPM MTDC Raya Open House

Thursday, July 5, 2018

UPM MTDC Raya Open House

On (last)Thursday, I went to UPM MTDC Open House in Serdang...It was by invitation and the whole company was invited....
Somehow, no one wants to go and yours truly went alone :-(
free makan worrr……why not???
I will always 'be available' for any free lunch...
the open house was from 12pm-4pm, but I went there around 1pm.
I had....
 chicken satays, lemang, kuihs and pisang goreng
and a bowl of cendol
 it was a hot sunny afternoon, and I had two cups of drinks - sirap bandung and ais limau.
And unashamedly, I took 3 burgers from a stall...
*one for my colleague (who refused to come along) and 2 for my dinner.
 by evening, I went over to the pantry to re-heat the burgers.
The below is a random picture captured on that evening....such a beautiful evening view!
 and there goes my quiet dinner in the office
I got free lunch (cum dinner) and it save my pocket money for a day ;-)


Twilight Man said...

OMG! All were invited and no one except you showed up at the makan. I would definitely go where free food is. I would tapao like you and probably take 20 pieces instead. I often fed the guards and homeless people with leftovers.

Nux V said...

Twilight Man: I believe they would attend too if it doesn't clash with their team's lunch. Some were just lazy to drive out under hot sun or rushing for some tasks.

mun said...

I like your decision to go alone when no one wants to go too. The food looks good. They sure are generous. Hahaha good that you don't have to use a single cent for your meals that day.

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