UTOPIA: LRT Extension @ Puchong

Friday, November 13, 2015

LRT Extension @ Puchong

During the Deepavali day, i took the opportunity to try out the new AMY train cum joy ride across the new stations (dun ask me what AMY acronym stands for! I m clueless...). It is a free one-month ride at these four newly operated stations until end of Nov - Awan Besar, Muhibbah, Alam Sutera and Kinrara BK5.
I embarked at Awan Besar station. It was spacious and clean. I hope that the authorities (as well as the public) could maintain the facilities for years, rather than having 'first class infrastructure but third class mentality' so that our money will be well spent in improving on other areas than wasted in repairing things.
This ride at Awan Besar LRT station reminds me of the nostalgic trial LRT & KLIA Express rides that i took back in the late 90's...yea, it was then a 'hoo-ha' as the first electric rail in Malaysia.


mun said...

Good, you tried it! Hopefully they maintain it nicely this way and the commuters also take good care of it while using it.

CL (RealGunners) said...

I'm not holding my breath. Once it gets crowded with people, the facilities will deteriorate in no time. :(

Princess Ribbon said...

Oh, so you tried already.. Me, belum lagi.. Nearby my office, they are still working on this LRT/MRT thingy..

Nux V said...

Mun: yea, tried it and feel that it is jst another ordinary LRT, the waiting time does not improved, train speed nothing like SG/HK...summore it is a hassle to change train at Sri Petaling station if one wants to commute to KL.

RealGunners: agree...jst hoping that the public could have a more civilized manner when using the infra.

Princess Ribbon: haha...u will get ur chance...there will be more new stations coming out in the next couple of months/years.

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