UTOPIA: Penang Peranakan House (Part 2)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Penang Peranakan House (Part 2)

Penang Peranakan house souvenir shop sells various bamboo woven handbags
miniature bycycles
miniature trishaw
and many other types of miniature trishaw
meanwhile, out of the souvenir shop, u will see some real antique items displayed at every corner of the house. It is meant for display only and not for sale.
Here's one classic tv set
and radio
camera...how funny that all these 3 antique items can now combined into one tab  (i mean sort of Samsung tab, or iPad etc)
and then, u'l see this couple chair (please ignore the "models" giving lousy pose here!)
the couple chair is quite innovative given that not much folks being so open minded about couples intimately sitting together in the older days;-)

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