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Monday, September 10, 2012

Department Lunch

After the long Raya break, we came back to office and the department head is so kind enuff to treat us Raya meal (despite only a few colleagues celebrating it!)
 we went to Red Wok in Kajang for some halal Chinese food. Among the dish that we ordered...buttered prawns, marmite chicken, deep-fried squids, beef in dark sauce, steam fish, chillie paste eggplant, japanese beancurd in egg gravy...and spinach soup
 all together there were 7 dishes with one soup!
Here is the spinach soup
 Japanese beancurd in egg gravy
 beef in dark sauce
the food was so-so only, mainly b'coz it was cooked without Chinese wine, lard, or pork as it is meant to be 'halal'
But overall, it was filling and satisfying ;-)

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