Saturday, May 19, 2012


I can't describe more about my feelings rite now, i gotta put these in points. I'm feeling kinda victory, b'coz:

  1. In the sense that I gained back reputation and accolades, despite many attempts by her to tarnish my image. Glad that people around knows my qualities and trust my honesty.
  2. I'm a stronger person now who is not easily hurted, being fooled and misused.
  3. People start keeping a distance and be careful when dealing with tis snob.
  4. Counting down to 5 days before she is officially resign. I'm gonna save more on time and money by then, coz i dun hav to spent much of them in dealing with her antics anymore.
  5. Despite being scaled out from doing Proj. Mgmt, i have made my second comeback in another project which involves much in implementation. So, i m not totally out, but i m being "outsourced" to gain experience. Well, not only that, most importantly i got the best of both world, doing different tasks at the same time. Her plan in ditching me outta bid and seeing me failed in project doesn't work;-) I have shown to everyone that i can handle both sides.
  6. Won the tender worth at least 10x value of her winning bid. Felt on the top of the world despite me having no commision on that, but contented coz my effort is not wasted, and i have contributed some earnings to the company.
  7. Manage to rebuild connection with some vendors which i have long lost touch, and somehow they were kind enuff to even courier some very useful info all the way across the globe. I begin to have some confidence in my communication skill.
  8. Some hope of getting increement.
Thank God for the blessings!

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